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“The predicament with loving is the power of the addiction of the practice of loving somebody, of getting so caught in the relationship that you can’t ever arrive at the essence of dwelling in love."

- Ram Dass

Human relationships of all kinds make up a large percentage of the baggage that fills our minds on a daily basis. In fact, feeling connected and appreciated by another is arguably the most important element for achieving wholeness and balance in our lives. Relationships of all kinds can serve as a beautiful and profound doorway to the spirit, but they can also be one of the heaviest obstacles to navigate in our day-to-day lives.

Ram Dass has spent half a century exploring the different ways spirituality can permeate relationships, and now you are invited to participate in a 4-week course that has the potential to shift your entire perspective about what it means to be in a relationship - whether it's with a lover, a spouse, a friend, or a sibling.

It’s amazing how the nature of your relationships change when you're being love instead of trying to get love.” - Ram Dass

Sample the course below...

In this three minute clip, Ram Dass addresses the myth of separateness and individuality in our culture, and how we can bring our consciousness back into unity with others...

What you'll discover during the course...

  • How can I use relationship as a vehicle to become free in my life?
  • Can sex be used in a way that elevates my consciousness, rather than creating more attachment?
  • How can I work through guilt and emotional baggage that inherently comes with relationships?
  • How can I become a living example of love rather than use it as a conditional currency to leverage my connections with others?
  • Is it possible for me to love unconditionally?
  • What are some tools that will help me to move from my head into my heart center, in order to better follow my intuition within relationships?
  • How can I work with kundalini energy and shakti, and bring the wisdom of chakras into my connections with others?
  • How does marriage, divorce and parenthood factor into a spiritual life?
  • How can I work with physical and emotional lust so that it does not become a barrier against my spiritual growth?

What's included with this course?

  • This four-week course will provide you with wisdom and tools that will reframe your perspective on relationships, leading to a more healthy balance for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Weekly audio and video content from Ram Dass covering an array of topics surrounding relationship, connection, and sexuality. Each week's content is broken up by topic, making navigation easy and clear.
  • A weekly mantra that will supplement the teachings for the week, and help you to fully integrate the wisdom into your heart.
  • You will also have access to direct downloads for the weekly audio and video teachings, as well as a downloadable transcript so you can save your favorite quotes and excerpts.
  • 4 downloadable bonus audio teachings on marriage/divorce, same-sex relationships, gender equality, and a 24-minute partner exercise to become a loving mirror for your loved one.

Weekly Course Syllabus

Week 1 - The Myth of 'Us vs. Them'

The Myth of 'Us vs. Them' (55 MINUTES)

Week 2 - The Karma of Relationships

What is 'Given' Karma and 'Acquired' Karma? (53 MINUTES)

The Karma of Sex (18 MINUTES)

Week 3 - How to Sustain Healthy Conscious Relationships

Approaching Relationships Through the Chakra Lens (35 MINUTES)

Committing to Truth (Featuring Stephen Levine) (30 MINUTES)

Meeting as Souls, Resting in Love (35 MINUTES)

Week 4 - Methods for Balancing Sex and Spirituality

Sex and Spirituality (57 MINUTES)

The True Meaning of Renunciation (22 MINUTES)

Using it All - Lust and Kali (27 MINUTES)


Bonus 1 - how can you bring consciousness into the role of parenting and through divorce? (4:59)

Bonus 2 - Exploring the divinity of same sex relationships (7:40)

Bonus 3 - Exploring gender roles and equality (9:35)

Bonus 4 - Partner visualization exercise: becoming a loving mirror (23:41)